"What a great artist with vision. I had a great time working with Will on these tracks. Putting together 80's-inspired music with modern elements was a satisfying challenge. Ultimately, we created something that captured his artistry and passion, and that we were very proud of.”

- Jeff Blue, former Senior VP of A&R at Warner Music


"I've known Vander for the past 5 years, and watched him develop his songwriting and music. He's evolved into an artist with an undeniable sound and and style unique to him. He's taken the time to really create something special."

- Matt O’Connor, former Senior VP of A&R at Warner Music Australia.


"Vander's music is infectious pop with a beat that won't quit. If you like a bit of retro harmony work drizzled over your rhythmic backbone with a melodic twist: then Vander is here to serve just that!"

- William Bowden, Grammy Award winning Mastering Engineer


"Vander's songs were a joy to mix - the vocal performances, the hooks, the melodies - it's just great pop music!"

- Michael McGlynn - Producer, Vienna People


2020 Vander + The People

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