Wow…what a year it has been…

We have experienced hardship like never before in recent history - both my fellow Australians and our friends in California suffered the worst bushfires on record for months, and the world together is continuing to struggle through the global pandemic after almost a year. All this on top of our own challenges that we as individuals faced throughout the year in our own lives.

It's almost redundant to say that it’s been an incredibly hard time for so many of us. 

However, Christmas has always been a special time of year. Our spirits are lifted and our souls are rejuvenated in such an extraordinary way during this time. It almost feels like a season all of its own. This is definitely the season that we need after the long year that we’ve all had.

I wanted to create something small for all of you who have been so supportive of me and my music since I started this journey 12 years ago. I hope this digital Christmas card (of sorts) helps bring a little Christmas cheer to you.

Below is a video of an intimate live performance of one of my favourite Christmas songs, “A New York Christmas” by Rob Thomas. I loved the song originally for it’s simplicity and honesty, and I feel this song is so important for us to hear and hold dear during this time.

Please enjoy the song and performance.

I wish you a wonderful and safe Christmas with your family and friends, and that after this long year, even for a moment, you find peace, happiness and comfort. I wish you also a fantastic start to the New Year - next year will be better than this one.

Peace and love,

Vander + The People


A New York City Christmas - Rob Thomas

An acoustic performance by Vander + The People